Being a dreamer is hard to an extent that you are considered an outcast by all means. Labeled as immature, no serious, impractical and what not. The stigma dreamers face in the world can often lead to existential crisis. A think line being a dreamer and being a fool. 
The acceptability of a dreamer to the society and those around is only to an extent when it seems attainable like being a lawyer or a doctor which is definitely acceptable and desirable. There are those who dream about securing an affluent lifestyle which is practical and acceptable to the “real world”. 
The so called “dysfunctional dreaming” or let’s say just the thought of it may jaunty many, occasionally. This is either soothing or can provoke the rebel in you, later being the possibility when in a initial phase till you are at peace with yourself. 
Little do I k ow about dreamers but I have fondness for writing precocious, troubled thoughts which are alienating but kind of endearing. Also a way of linking up with like minded fellows. Giving words to unliveable dreams, rejected thoughts remembering them clearly while having an inconsistent evolving approach to life and living. Experiencing psychedelic state of mind as more dramatically troubled than it can ever be. Being terribly impractical and not technological also religiously religious, dancing with the demons with in and dying to keep that innocent connection with God.  
The letting go of sense of love once you held strongly. Growing less in positivity, paving way to negativity is heart wrenching. It’s distressing beyond imagination to feel it fade away gradually. Not dying at once but turning into sand one day at a time.
Being lost and un lost, time and again. The raft – there, here or no where. The guilt of being regressive, the motivation of being progressive – the glorious epic story in its own. How will you know you were meant to be a healer? 
Being broken, with the broken, part of the broken but still alone. Falling in love with your broken self will let you taste your medicine and enhance it. 
The heart when forced into something goes blind. The universe within doomed and that’s when the outer world dares to fail you, shun you – obnoxiously! Feel what brings upon distress and blocks the way to positivity. There is a greater way to heal when you acknowledge what you feel. What doesn’t kill, makes you weirder and hard to retaliate initially. When wrong, educate and don’t belittle inducing worthlessness on the poor soul, invest your energy in raising instead. 
Thinking of disappearing is a thought, perception of which is the desire to be found. Overthinking is a reason not a hurdle. It’s beautiful to let yourself feel and brave indeed. 
Loving under loved unconditionally while they are distracted and trying hard paving their way to positivity, deserve the most and those who help them consistently are keepers for sure! 
Lots of love, light and positive vibes! Shine bright! ✨

A letter from a mother to her child who is yet to come to this world. 

An open letter From all those others mothers who are yet to bring “them” to this world! 

Dearest Child, 
You must be wondering my intention of writing this letter. You must be curious and excited but little you know how afraid I am to unleash this world to you or unleash you to this world. The world you are about to enter. Not that I am happy to have you but also I wish I could keep you inside me forever. Not because I don’t want you to grow up with me but because I actually want you to live! I am not sure if I ll be able to do any justice to you. If I will be able to teach you to speak truth out loud at all times. If I will be able to impart moral values like they are. If I will be able to tell that life is more important than money. If I will let you be what you want to be. If I will let you roam around on your own. 

Not that I am scaring you already my child but this is the type of world I was born in and now it is more or less a nightmare. I don’t know if o should welcome you with tears of happiness or sadness!! 
We were never taught to stand up for others rights. When they cried, we became deaf. But when we cried that was real pain the rest was just drama. We let it happen to this world to what you are coming in. If we would have stood up for them surly the fire would have not reached our homes. 
Words like terrorism, murder, corruption, rape will be part of your life just like eating drinking sleeping. And you might feel your world is made up of these elements. 
You know it won’t be only you who will be crying while leaving for school. We will cry together maybe! Or me even more, with or without tears. Yes my child I am Already seeing what they are doing to our children at schools and universities. They want your this country to get weak so they are targeting the foundation. They are threatening around educational institutions openly. I don’t know if you ll like the decision I take on your behalf of attending school or not. You see this is the problem. Starting from the scratch . When you ll be hardly three. Yes my child these terrorists they consider you their enemy at this very age too. The insecurities of me bringing you to this world doesn’t end here!! 
I got no words to even explain you that it’s not about these terrorists. You know how unsafe this world is, children are being molested while none of us did anything about it. Seems like a satin world. Where all of us our busy with our own lives and feeding our nafs. We are mean people. I don’t want you to be one of us. At this fragile age with a fragile mind you won’t be able to understand the satanic nature. Maybe I want you to grow up with animals and not people like us who are apparently humans. 

To be continued… 


Embrace Storms and fall in love with them for they clean you,Like after that first rain which reveals the purity, 

Clean yourself off yourself, 

Fears into courage, 

Hatred into love, 

Scars into beauty, 

Misery into happiness, 

Foes into friends, 

Death into life,

Like moth is to fire you are to your dreams, 

Burn bright like a star, 

Burning isn’t merely the end for you are meant to shine forever, 

Initiate the holy fire for others to burn into it, 

Seek them flames, 

For burning is peace for peace!! 

The Banned Outfits and Terrorism

The war on terrorism had a major impact on Pakistan. This is when terrorism in Pakistan increased majorly. The country which has always been gripped with sectarian violence encouraged extremism to a devastating height.

While fighting the war on others behalf we got strangled. We earned not peace for the world but Taliban and Al Qaeda who initially started targeting high profile political figures and Army in general.

After the so called war against terrorism, terrorist attacks including those of sectarian nature were carried out in numbers, weakening the foundation of peace in the best way possible.

Terrorists attacks and clashes including all the suicide attacks, target killings and assassination have resulted in thousands of casualties. There is an evident increase in the suicide bombing after the operation against Lal Masjid.

Taliban splinter groups named to be Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar e Jhangwi (LEJ), Ahl e Sunat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) talks about imposing Islamic System.

After recent executions of some of TTP’s members especially Dr Usman who was involved in the GHQ Rawalpindi attack, TTP accepted responsibility for the Peshawar ImamBargah attack while jummah prayers were being offered. The spokesman to TTP said that this was a response to recent executions. TTP says that we will take revenge for the blood of innocent Muslims and their operation will continue till an Islamic system is imposed. Here I would like to enlighten you for who are their innocent Muslims; those involved in scores of sectarian violence and have been either arrested or gunned down.

Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Karachi, Shikarpur has been spared much of the terrorist violence. The terrorism has afflicted the country as a whole in the last decade.

Pakistan is currently on a war footing to smash Taliban. Taliban is not a single body operating terrorism. It’s ubiquitous. It Penetrates worldwide under different names origin being same.

LEJ a terrorist outfit was formed in 1996 by a break away group of a radical sectarian extremists of the SSPakistan. LEJ was formed under the leadership of Akram Lahori ( who is police custody and said to run LEJ in detention) and Riaz Basra( was killed on May 14,2002). LEJ was proscribed by Pervez Musharraf.

LEJ was working on the transformation of Pakistan into an Islamic state, to be more specific eradicating Shias completely through violent means. It was under Basra’s leadership that the LEJ rose to become the most dreaded and horrifying sectarian outfit in Pakistan.

Although Basra is no more but laid strong foundation of sectarian violence and extremism. His followers are for sure not a disappointment for their master up there in the hell as they are doing what they are best at by following his footsteps.

Faisalabad, jhang, Lahore, Sargodha and certain parts of Pakistan as their breeding grounds and hideouts.

The entire leadership of LEJ consists of jehadis who fought against Soviet forces in Afganistan which were once supported and trained by Pakistan Army under Zia’s regime. A majority of it’s cadres are drawn from the Saudi funded and Government of Pakistan backed Madrasahs, one of the very prominent example being Laal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa.

LEJ has it’s chain all over Punjab. There are units in Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faislabad, multan, Bhawalpur divisions and in Bhakhar district. The outfit is fragmented and the success of LEJ is attributed to it’s multi cellular structure. Unidentified various training camps are always an option to plan future operations.

LEJ always favoured resumption of terrorist attacks against Shia targets in order to force the government to comply with the demands of the banned outfit.

The outfit’s cadres are being constantly trained in Afghanistan and with in Pakistan and are never short of cadres inspite of large scale arrests and their deaths in encounters.

The top leadership remains underground and don’t engage themselves in attacks instead they brainwash children in madrasahs, train recruits to carry on operations.

Malik Ishaque and Basra launched terrorist activities in Punjab very fearlessly. They have established training camps in Saraobi, Afghanistan after securing support from the erstwhile Taliban regime there.

LEJ is part of the broader deoband movement. LEJ and SSP are closely linked to each other despite their refusal of any type of issues. They have been supporting each other is times of trouble. Their cadres come from the same madrasahs, goes to the same training camps, are of same sectarian rigid beliefs and mindset.

SSP and LEJ have very close links with the Taliban. SSP and LEJ assisted TTP and Taliban in Afghanistan in everyway possible. All three groups are closely linked and are apparently united in their fight against the Shias. LEJ and SSP not only in Pakistan but their cadres played a major role in Massacre of Shias in Taliban regime at Afghanistan.

LEJ has been securing financial assistance from Saudia Arabia. Saudia Arabia is also responsible for funding Madrasahs in Pakistan where cadres are brainwashed and trained for terrorism. Saudia Arabia is said to be the back bone of ISIS too in Iraq and Syria where they are brutally killing Shias.

Lal Masjid who supports LEJ, ASWJ openly and trains cadres for TTP has given an open invitation to host ISIS and offered them assistance.

Saudi Government hosted Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and his family during the exile. Shareef brothers are backed by Saudi government which is funding terrorist organisations like ISIS, LEJ, SSP, ASWJ.

FIR was registered against the ASWJ leadership for spreading sectarian hatred.

The ASWJ president Maulana Ahmed Laudhanwi, Sec Gen Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqi, Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz and others were nominated in the FIR.

The case was registered against the religious party leadership under section 295-A and Sections 3 and 4 of the amplifier and loudspeaker.

Inspite the FIR and countrywide protests against the banned outfit ASWJ by civil society. ASWJ took out a rally under the protection of government and when the civil society tried to remind the CM sindh about the banned outfit they were arrested instead while those who were banned roamed around freely.

ASWJ enchanting slogans like “Shia Kafir” infront of the Parliment house spreading sectarian hatred openly were not stopped and neither did any action was taken against them. Instead negotiations took place with the government.

Today when an ImamBargah in Islamabad was targeted Laudhanwi condemned the act making a fool out of himself and many as if not remembering what they enchanted recently “Shia Kafir”. They amplify sectarian hatred through filthy slogans and speeches, brainwash their people and act all naive.

Pakistan is a hub to terrorism now. It’s heart wrenching. Sad times for us all. All foreign agencies are facilitating terrorism and nothing can describe government better ” A Puppet Government”.

When the rising power of tyrants overawes the individual, Imam Husain’s example reminds him that the duty of stimulating resistance against brutal power ultimately devolves on him.

The Red Musk Fashion Ramp!! Promotion of Red Musk by The Body Shop

The one of a kind scandalous themed, fashion show brings together on one run way the promotion of one of the most classic fragrance ever by The Body Shop featuring the trendiest and influentially bold “Arora”.

Break the rules and play the game!
Yes, this is what happend after this very fragrance and a scandalous ramp. The work done by Constantine PR was pure quality and the efforts put into every piece could be felt. It’s been almost seventeen years now that The Body Shop has discontinued the scent “Wood Musk” which was loved by many. The loyal customers of The Body Shop waited eagerly and pleaded The Body Shop to bring ‘MUSK’ back to their lives. A distinctive, free spirited scent, to date by The Body Shop named as Red Musk. A distinct eye catching clothing line with scandalous look by “Arora” portrayed the image of the Red Musk amazingly well. The Red Musk fashion show was a roar from all those women who believe to exist out of bounds. Here it is that something, Wear your identity! Be your self! Be scandalous! Be red!

This extra ordinary scent “Red Musk” is a combination of natures very much claimed ‘hotness’ and ‘graceful addiction’. The ingredients to Red Musk happen to be pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Stunned to know this exuberant combination. Red Musk is not a typical feminish smell instead an identity manipulator. The fragrance redefines a women and provokes a more bold side of her. No flowers, no sugar, no coconut, no fruit, just warm spicy sexiness. Not every women desires to be smelled like a fruit and a flower. Red Musk by The Body Shop is perfect for the grown up us in all and by grown up it means a matured sophisticated side. The Body Shop more or less promoted women empowerment through this unique smell.

Red musk involves unusual spices oil extracts and not flowers for the aroma. Thanks to the Arabs and European explorers who contributed in spreading them around the globe, immensely broadening their use. The Body Shop didn’t take it for granted and made the best use out of the three. The Body Shop re-released ‘musk’ which was being craved by their loyal customers for long by making use of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Red musk is a bold and blunt combination of the three being used efficiently and effectively for the aroma therapy. Red Musk by The Body Shop being the first fragrance with man-made cruelty-free musk. It won’t be wrong if said Red Musk by The Body Shop exploits people’s idealism and introduces new standards.

Red Musk by The Body Shop is something you will be complimented upon. Red Musk is a revival in the scent industry by The Body Shop. One whiff of Red Musk by The Body Shop… And Be hold! Play grown up when wear Red Musk by The Body Shop. Red Musk by The BodyShop blends in so well with the body chemistry that it doesn’t hit you or anyone over the head. Red Musk soothes you and doesn’t spin your head. Red Musk by The Body Shop being very sophisticated classy and affordable is wanted by the most at the moment. The Body shop is totally wondrous. Red Musk being spicy warm and gorgeous is exactly what everyone wants in winters. One of the very reason it is being demanded and loved by all. Many women tried it skeptically knowing the unusual ingredients but fell head over and heals in love with it. Red Musk is worth every dime, specially this very season. Red Musk’s warm spicy sultry fragrance is being worn and wanted by the majority. The most “in” and “it” thing for the fashion lovers. The musk that is used overpowers the cinnamon and intensifies the smokiness of fragrance giving it a very sexy finish over all. Red Musk by The Body Shop blends in you so well which makes it warm and comforting like that of a smell of a lover being the bestest smell ever . Red Musk by The Body Shop is a high level romance which changes you attitude. Red Musk by The Body Shop is more like heavenly ornament which can be felt.


Scandalous themed ramp complimented Red Musk amazingly well. It can’t be more apt. “Arora” being the designer of the fashion show didn’t disappoint any. The very chic cloth line exhibited through the very talented young models of Islamabad grabbed the attention of the enthusiastic audience. The showcased line amplified that attitude ; attitude being scandalous !

There were two music performances by Umair Jaswal and Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi. The very known and liked Umair Jaswal of Qayaas ( Pakistan’s pioneer in progressive rock music) surprised the audience when he appeared down the catwalk singing( mention the song ). Even more of a surprise to catch Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi ; Nescafé Basement finest promising talent on the ramp with the models while she sang. Both the artist walked the ramp with grace and and were at ease while performing their very songs.

The Music performance was not the only entertainment. Smash after smash, two dance performances beautifully done left the invitees in an awe. Taking them to an other world. Leaving them mesmerised and hypnotised. The invitees enjoyed it thoroughly and didn’t miss a single move.

The most scandalous ramp ever and scandalous also means awesome here. Skin is indeed in, for now and forever. It depends on how fashionably and sincerely it is magnified. “Arora” unveiled impressively. Not to forget “Faiza’s” who contributed in the make over enhancing the look of the models in particular and the whole event in general. “Faiza’s” ultra modern touch up made an isloo night scandalous for the people who attended the fashion show. Their presence made it worth the efforts involved. The fashion show was a huge success and talk of the town. People from all walks of life attended the Red Musk Fashion Ramp. Socialites and celebrities from Islamabad attended the event with great zeal and admiration.

Red Musk Fashion Ramp was certainly a memorable event. The turn out was huge and commendable. Constantine PR is over whelmed by the amazing response.

Red Musk, Arora ,Faiza’s, Umair Jaswal, Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi and dance performances were the ingredients in the ongoing saga of Constantine PR’s constant innovation management.

Whirlpool of Burning

For there is no cure,
No cure of love,
They burn,
Burn till nothing but ashes remain,
Burning is holy,
Burning is transformation,
An entire new journey,
For only a moth knows how it feels,
The pleasure of burning,
Giving it self truly to the fire,
Adds to the beauty of fire,
Gives it life by being there no more yet remains there forever,
Fire remains and so that those who burn,
Burning is beauty,
Burning is salvation,
For only lovers know the charm,
The sacred fire and the sacred illness,
The more they burn the little it seem,
It’s pure addiction for the pure sinner self,
Ain’t no end,
Soul purifier,
Burn in the love if everlasting,
Burn till you are no more but HIM,
Burn till He calls you,
Burn till you meet HIM,
Burn in the love of ALI!!
For only HE is REAL!!
Nothing but ALI!!
Oh Ali,
Rise my spirit,
Rise my soul,
For only I see you and nothing else!!
Redefine , Recognize over and over again,
Ain’t no end to burning,
Rise while you burn,
Little do we know about it,
Where more is less,
There ain’t no end,
For there is no cure
What makes a good burn?
The burn that doesn’t burn this time?
Set your self ablaze,
Run!! Fly!! A holy ignition!!
Play symphonies of burning all along,
Being aware of fire but not pain,
Beg for a different kind of fire everytime,
Set your burning soul free in the name of love,
so that so it it arouses every soul
Contagious holiness l call it!!
Burn along as you burn!
Holy burning, for there is no cure!
For which you don’t desire cure,
Burn for the sake of love, in the name of love,
Oh ALI for you a thousand times over!!

Nothing but beauty!!

See nothing but beauty,
Beauty in struggling,
Beauty in hope,
Beauty in just surviving,
Beauty in sustaining,
Beauty in dying,
Beauty in uniting,
Beauty in tears,
Beauty in crying,
Beauty in worshiping,
Beauty in idols,
Beauty in breathing,
Beauty in burning,
Beauty in ashes,
Beauty in blood,
Beauty in faith,
Beauty in smile,
Beauty in shadows,
Beauty in memories,
Beauty in the beautiful YOU,
Beauty in ALI,
Beauty in KARBALA,

Drunk on beauty of the sustainer!!
See Beauty but nothing, nothing but Beauty!!

Be good! Be honest! Trust yourself and others! :)

Getting attention vs wanting to be valued! Always misunderstood!
A shout out to those who know how to value for it is an art not everyone is capable of! Dare to be different! Dare to be a true admirer!
We all have a capacity of misunderstanding as much as understanding them truly! It’s all about energy, converting it into good one is on us! Taking it positively reflects your personality! How you are from inside and what you are willing to give to the world! Give them a chance and yourself too! Be kind to yourself and others! Things are not always how they appear! There is a lot behind, between and ahead of what it appears actually! Trust energy! It conveys the true you! It never lies! Maybe you are not conveyed as you wanted to be at that very time but it will remind them what you really meant at some time of life! Be good! Be honest! Trust yourself and others! 🙂

RESTORATION BY KINDNESS!! Just a little reminder :)

In times when nothing is right, when there is too much of uncertainty, when our personal lives are equally messed up, when not only your very country but humanity is suffering. Let’s all of us make some kind of effort to be a source of happiness for anyone of us even it’s for a little while for kindness is not time bound and doesn’t restrict.

Pure humane acts which comes under the heading  of  kindness are free of charge. Infact they do good to that very individual too. It increases our own levels of happiness as well as of others. Kindness is this amazing. It is contagious. Only on the basis of kindness a society can be restructured and rebuild for good. It strengthens our connection with everyone around and the nature. Kindness is karmic. It is a source of support. Being kind to the living who are strangers to you help build cooperation trust and a sense of safety in the communities. Now is the time to focus on what is within our own control right here and right now. We have to be our own support system. Kindness is an act which is within the capacity of every human being. It  is an utmost foundation of a thriving society be it any place around the globe. It helps see others positively and generates positive energy. When we give to others it activates the areas of the brains associated with pleasure, social connection and trust. Altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain and boosts happiness for us as well as the people we help.

Acts of kindness like exchange of a random smile, a sweet compliment, a compassionate talk, some words of encouragement, a hug, a kiss , listening to them problems, giving them a shoulder to cry on and a random pat on their shoulder etc etc , all are acts which require an intention and nothing else but does good to all and creates  wellbeing around.

Not that I am giving in some totally different advice to us all for rebuilding society as for what it has become now. Sometimes we just make things so complicated around us and in times like this when no life is safe, I believe only very basic humane acts can save us from more destruction. Reminders in a polite manner are a must in today’s world because we all are strangled up in issues where we forget the key points.

Respect them, their feelings, their gestures, their thoughts and their beliefs. For they might be nothing for you but everything for them. Money has got nothing to do with the very basic things in life. The bases of humanity doesn’t lie on capital. For what we have lost is humanity and acts of kindness which has caused this much of destruction.

Restoration of morality  is more important than anything for a peaceful world. We have to prioritize as on what we have to work on more . Our living standards will rise automatically if we consider moral values important and practice accordingly. Everything boils down to morality. The sooner we understand the better it is.

embrace, with all its chaos and splendor